Muni-Pak screens — A better way to gravel pack

Johnson Screens’ solution for improving gravel packing is the Muni-Pak™ screen. This pre-packed screen eliminates the need for a larger borehole, shortens the time required to drill a well and speeds development time.

For the well owner, the Muni-Pak screen offers long-term benefits. The latest Johnson Screens innovation uses glass beads as the filter media—a unique concept that reduces the likelihood of filter pack fouling from biofilm and encrustation, lowering overall well maintenance costs. Artificial filter pack is one of the most common designs used today for high-capacity municipal, industrial and agricultural wells. Before the installation of a filter pack, the
contractor and the well owner must take into account some significant issues:

  • The borehole must be sufficiently oversized to allow for adequate placement of the filter pack. In practice, an annular thickness of 3 to 5 in. is considered minimum. The oversized borehole is costly to the contractor (and therefore to the well owner) and keeps the crew on site for additional time.
  • The filter pack must be carefully selected, placed and developed to avoid bridging and sand pumping.
  • The well owner is concerned with long-term performance. Biofouling and encrustation are issues that will eventually affect performance.
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