Baskets Screen: The Cylindrical Baskets and Conical Baskets

Baskets Screen

Cylindrical Baskets

Cylindrical baskets can be designed for a flow from out to in ( standard construction) of from in to out (re rolled construction ). They are perfectly round and are adapted for self cleaning filters or screw press filters they can be cleaned with static scrapers.


  • Self clening surface
  • High open area
  • Strong construction


  • Dimensions adaptable to any specific needs
  • Large range of constructions (wires , rods )
  • All slot size from 25µ
  • Flanges and reinforcement rings available depending on the application.

Conical Baskets

These conical baskets for centrifuges are widely used in the sugar and starch industries for dewatering processes (high-speed machinery)

This self-supporting structure is especially designed and engineered to withstand the high stresses and load conditions of these processes.

Their unique design ensures:

  • A high mechanical strength, thus extending wear life.
  • A precise slot opening and larger percentage of open area, thus increasing capacity


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Long life
  • High resistance to abrasion , corrosion and damage by foreign objects , leading to lower maintenance
  • High dewatering efficiency


  • In particularly severe conditions, different reinforcement can be be added
  • Special alloys and anti-abrasion coatings are also available upon request
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