Drum Screen

Drum Rotary Screen

Drum rotary screen is a self-cleaning, in-channel, semi-submerged rotary fine screen. Drum rotary screen is capable of handling high flow rates and is suitable for both municipal and industrial applications. The influent entering the drum rotary screen changes direction through 90 degrees as it exits the screen resulting in a high capture of solids.

Drum rotary screen is installed semi-submerged in a channel resulting in a smaller foot print compared to competing screens. The drum rotary screen includes anintegral drainer screw press for screenings washing, dewatering and discharge. The operation of the drum rotary screen is normally linked to the level pressure differential between the upstream and downstream levels in the channel.

The drum rotary screen is capable of handling flow rates from 6,340 gpm / 1,440 m³/hr to 63,400 gpm / 14,400 m³/hr through a single unit. Slot sizes range from 0.02 in. / 0.5 mm to 0.24 in. / 6 mm on the Vee-Wire® models and 0.08 in. / 2 mm upwards on the perforated plate and mesh models.

Drum rotary screen fed rotary screen is ideally suited for process and wastewater streams containing high fats, oils and grease loadings. The system operates by feeding the influent into a headbox, which distributes the flow evenly across the full length of the rear and upper externa l surface of the rotating drum.

As water passes through the screen, solids are retained on the outside of the screen drum and are carried by rotation around to the front of the screen. A fixed doctor blade (with adjustable tension) removes the solids from the screen. The screened water cascades down inside the drum and falls through the bottom, creating a vigorous backwash action.

This action, together with the use of internal water sprays, has a combined effect of self-cleaning the drum during each revolution.

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