Sieve Bends

Static Screens

Our Sieve bends are used in our static screens or screening and dewatering applications. The screening ability of a screen is determined by its percentage open area. Our screens have up to 50 percent more open area because of our greater range of narrower wire profiles.The wires can be as narrow as 0.02 in./0.5 mm and up in 0.01 in./0.25 mm increments. Static screen developed an innovative split-sieve concept for easy handling of the larger width sieve bends, particularly those 59 in. / 1.5 m and over.This is a major benefit because of the reduced size and weight of the screens and reduces the risk of injury.

Vibratory Sieve Bend Assembly

Used for dewatering and sizing fine slurry feed. The vibrations are evenly distributed on the screen surface by patented dual vibratory motor/shaft combination thus effectively achieving higher flow rates and sizing down to 200 microns.

We also providing automatic cleaning sieve bends complete with the bend system. Our sieve bends assemblies used widely in the food, sugar, pulp, paper and wastewater industries, there are no moving parts. The screens are self-cleaning with very low maintenance requirements

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