Specializing in Wedge Wire Screen and other Wedge Wire Filtration products

Founded in 1986 is specializing in Wedge Wire Screen and other Wedge Wire Filtration products. AS SCREENS is a professional manufacturer and exporter of sand control products and filtration parts for water treatment, oil dan gas, and other environmental industries and equipments. For many years development in technique and equipments, Now the AS SCREENS products including:

  • Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder: Water Well Screen, Rotary Screen, Candle Filter Screen
  • Reversed wire wrapped screen
  • Filter Strainer: Filter Strainer LLT, Filter Strainer LT, Filter Strainer DT, Filter Strainer ST
  • Filter Strainer CP
  • Header & Hub Lateral: Header Lateral, Hub Lateral
  • Resin Trap
  • Mine Screen: Wedge Wire Flat Panel, Sieve Bend Screen, Screen Support Grids
  • Sand Control Screen: Precise Punched Screen, Pipe Based Screen, Pre-Pack Slotted continues


18 JAN 2016


AS Screens Company